Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★★

Yeah, I'm giving this more stars than it probably deserves. It's trash city up in this thing, but it's some charming trash.

I can't help but love the laid-back zombie road trip vibes alongside that bangin' Goblin score. I also loved the sweet chemical research facility that gave this some Resident Evil vibes. In fact, my biggest problem with this film isn't the ridiculous dialog, it's that too much of this takes place in the jungle instead of the awesome research facility. We do, however, get some fun gore effects and some crazy performances to compensate for that shortcoming. And a creepy zombie kid snacking on his dad. Who doesn't love creepy zombie children?

I also loved that I watched this right before Rats: Night of Terror and there's a cool zombie rat scene in this. Double feature perfection.

Watched with Jozlyn

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