Halloween ★★★★★

Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 4 - October 2018

Day 2: Today we will watch a Donald Pleasance horror movie directed by John Carpenter that shares it's name with a holiday and isn’t a sequel. Movie must be between years 1977-1978.

The quintessential slasher film. It may not be the first, but it's certainly the one that popularized this horror subgenre, and inspired a deluge of imitators in the early 80s. A film that had an estimated budget of only $300,000 USD, and yet grossed roughly $70 million USD. Approaching near Hitchcockian levels of suspense, due to Carpenter's masterful camerawork and, arguably, the most iconic score ever created for a horror film. But you probably already know all of this. People have been talking about its place in the history of horror for decades.

It's just a shame that Carpenter himself put the nails in the coffin for Halloween as a franchise. It was never able to recover from the damage inflicted by his script for Halloween II, which was his intention at the time. Hopefully the new installment fixes it all finally. I'll rant more about Halloween II when I review it later this month.

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