Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★★


What can I say about Evil Dead 2 that hasn't been said a thousand times? I mean, is there a horror fan on the planet that doesn't love this film? Like many people, while I adore the first film, this is my favorite in the franchise. The over the top insanity of it, the frenetic energy, the amazing practical effects… I just love the demented lunacy of it all. Bruce Campbell gives the performance of his career here, with his character becoming so delightfully unhinged. He's just such a joy to watch in every scene.

Like the first film, Evil Dead 2 is just brimming over with creativity. Raimi clearly had an abundance of ideas that he didn't get to cram into the first film. Raimi is a mad genius, and I just love seeing his twisted vision brought to life. I've not kept count of how many times I've seen this, but it's almost certainly in the triple digits, and I'm nowhere near sick of it yet, nor am I likely to ever be. This film is perfection.

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