Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★

AFI 100 Unspooled Watch Along

Blade Runner succeeds in its production design, creating a whole new world, that doesn't seem too unrealistically far from our own. It's bleak, foggy, and full of neon, but it lacks much substance beyond that. I find myself sucked into the look and bored with what I come out with. I was probably duped the first time I saw this, back in college, and thought this was was much profound than I do now. I don't buy the essential romance at the core. I don't care for the philosophical questions this uninterestingly poses. It's a fine film, but definitely not made for me. Beyond this, I think there are probably better futuristic dystopia films that could occupy this spot on the AFI 100.

I agree with Amy and Paul for the most part on this film and its legacy. It spawned some amazing films and shows that followed it, and inspired hoards of sci-fi creators, but maybe it just doesn't have the chops to cut it emotionally.

Scratched off my 100 Movies Bucket List poster.

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