Dune ★★★★★

Dune is everything a film should be. From the start, it should grab your attention and keep you wanting more and it did exactly that. I didn't know what to expect going into it. I knew it would be amazing. Having seen the first 10 minutes at the IMAX event a few months ago, I already saw a glimpse of the potential this film had, but I truly had no idea what the storyline was about until I watched the film. The score was everything. Give Hans Zimmer all the awards. The fact that he created instruments for this film is so powerful. There were many moments of the film where the sound effects and score captivated the scene to just make you feel. I was hesitant about the acting going in. It could have been either cheesy or something great- and great it was. I haven't seen a Rebecca Ferguson in many films, so watching her performance in this just blew me away. There was so much mystery behind her character that had me questioning a lot as I watched the film. It's still to the point where I may actually go buy the book and read it just to get a better understanding of her character. The rest of the cast was incredible. I'm going to have Paul's dreams of Chani (Zendaya) for the next few days for sure. It was so fun to have Aquaman, Thanos, and Drax all together to basically save my boy Timmy's family. I really appreciated the humor Jason Momoa's character brought to the film. I think his fun and quirky personality had such amazing chemistry in scenes with Timothée. They gave me big smiles. Lastly, Timothée Hal Chalamet. I hope his haters watch this film and see what I've been seeing all of these years. The boy has range. He is proving that he can do so much as an actor- sing, dance, speak different languages, and now- fight?! I am so proud of the fact that he continues to be a humble actor who is growing so quickly in the industry. Paul is everything- a fighter, family man, a man of honor, resilient, perfection. I can understand why some people may have some grievances with this film, but I watch film for what it is in this moment. I'm not comparing it to Star Wars or the older version of Dune. I look at this cinematography and could feel the intensity in scenes. Some of the shots were just so perfect. The pacing was a bit slow at times, but I think that that was necessary to set up the film. The visuals were everything. The sound effects were phenomenal. I can't wait for the screen caps! If you have a chance - check this out in IMAX!! Denis, thank you for your vision. Hans, thank you for your genius. Timothée, thank you for your gifts. Thank you to everyone involved. Watch films without comparison. Go into it with an open mind. Let the story take you to the unknown. Who knows where it will lead?

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