Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★

I've seen Blade Runner a couple times before and I like it slightly more each time. I watched the Final Cut here, which I guess is the definitive version, although I'm not a big enough fan to recognize all the changes or remember what versions I saw previously. Either way the basic idea is the same as Harrison Ford is a blade runner who hunts down rogue replicants, which are essentially robots that are indistinguishable from humans. Ford is good and it's a cool concept.

It also takes place in a dystopian Los Angeles, which brings me to THE reason to see this movie. Technically it's immaculate. The score and visuals are tremendous and the world building is great. The noir atmosphere, mood and style are as good as it gets. It is very slow though and it can try your patience if you're not in the mood or if it's your first time watching it. It has interesting themes, but it's almost ponderous to a fault and I'd say that someone watching it for the first time is just as likely to hate it as love it. That said, it is a sci-fi classic and everyone should watch it at least once because even if you don't love the movie, you will probably love the vibe.

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