Boiling Point

Boiling Point ★★★★½

This is the good shit. It's very easy to be elitist about a movie like this, set in and around a busy restaurant where generally nothing happens, done in one long continuous take. It ain't a shoot out, or a Mai Thai massacre, its just a bunch of human types grafting under pressured circumstances, in human type situations. Euch.

But it's a wonderful piece of theatre, excellently choreographed, perfectly performed, the camera maintaining close proximity with a grubby eye level gods eye on all that occurs within the walls. The single take gimmick pays off in spades, energising the spiralling tension between staff and customers, allowing little gaffs and improvisations from the performers to naturally humanise them. Its thrilling.

Obviously Stephen Graham stands out, increasingly desperate and hang dog as the in over his head, head chef. But Vinnette Williams, and Ray Panthaki in particular hugely impress as his stressed out cooking colleagues.

The story, the location, the basics might seem uncinematic in their simplicity, but this is as gripping a thriller in its own way as any one edit every millisecond blockbuster out there. Invigorating.

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