Moonlight ★★★★★

"At some point, you gotta decide for yourself who you're going to be. Can't let nobody make that decision for you."

Gosh...tbh, I still feel pretty shook from watching Moonlight last night. I can't help but keep thinking, this movie is going to be SO important for so many different people for generations to come - for young black men, for gay men and women, for children of addicts, for children who resent their parents for poor choices made, for parents who want to make amends, for teenagers who fall victim to peer pressure and bullying.

I've just been thinking back to a movie I recently watched in which I thought the director had tried to take on too many themes/topics and it made the movie feel all over the place and like it was just trying to pack in as much as it could. Moonlight is a perfect example of how that should be done. Although it took on so many different and very important topics, it was so well thought out that every little moment, every scene, every word added something to the film. Bravo.

What can I even say about the cast to do them justice or the beautiful and interesting and different cinematography or the wonderfully mismatched score. Perfection.

If you're going to watch any film from 2016 watch this. I love it when the Oscars get it so right, despite the fact that they got so much else wrong.

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