Logan ★★★★½

"There's no living with a killing. There's no going back from it. Right or wrong, it's a brand, a brand that sticks."


I tried to so not to get myself built up with all the hype surrounding Logan, but it was everywhere I looked, around every corner and every time I scrolled through Twitter and LB. But, this is one of those times that the hype is right and nothing to be worried about. I loved every minute of it and they couldn't have got it more right if they tried.

Beware - spoilers ahead!!!!!!!!

Laure or Dafne Keen is my new hero. Holy shit can that little girl act. She was amazing, her character was amazing, her fight scenes were amazing, everything about her was AMAZING lol, but seriously. She was unreal. This is the kind of thing I wanted from Rogue when she first hit the silver screen - something real, something gritty, instead I got lumped with Anna Pacquin's watered down version of what Rogue could have been.

Old and broken Logan...this is what old and broken Batman could have been - instead we got Bat-fleck. Hugh Jackman acted the shit out of Logan in this final installment. The chemistry between him and Laura & Charles was fantastic. And those final moments really were heart-breaking.

One of the things I loved so much about Logan was how human (ironic much?) the characters felt. Because we got this R-rating, we did have the usual kid friendly kills, the camera didn't shy away from what was happening. They weren't over the top kills like in say Deadpool, they were brutal and they were gorey, but not unnecessary. It helped drive home the impact of all the kills Wolverine had made in his life time and the kills that Laura was making. It helped show the impact of what it meant for them to take these lives. And the bad language, it's natural...particularly for Logan, who we know has always been crying out to let his potty mouth run free. It's a shame we can't go back in time and give all those films the R-rating's they deserve.

I guess my only issue with Logan was the few holes I felt it had with some of the back-stories. I guess unlike the MCU, you can really tell that there was no planning ahead in the X-Men universe and as a result, storylines are skewed and all over the place, characters come and go or are just left out and it's a real shame. Some forward thinking could have really made this who franchise outstanding. Instead, overall it's just mediocre, with a few stand out films in amongst the bunch.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Logan. It had so much emotion, action, heart, closure and just made me feel pretty great. Awesome job!

P.S i had unnatural feelings about the bad-guy lol.

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