The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

I’m all in favor of scrapping the charismatic philanthropist aspect of the Bruce Wayne dichotomy and just making him a weird little freak. Every other Batman is just a competent guy under the mask, when he meets with Gordon it’s like meeting with a fellow project manager at an engineering firm. This Batman feels like a dog that’s run inside with a dead squirrel in its mouth. If other iterations of Gordon found out Batman was Bruce Wayne (as we’ve already seen), they’d having nothing but noble respect for the humility of Bruce living this double life, but I think if this Gordon found out who Batman was, it would actually put him off. Like yeah man it’s actually kinda weird that you’re doing this and I don’t feel comfortable talking to you anymore. I think that dynamic makes a better case for Bruce’s reliance on Batman than any other live action movie.

I’m contending with some major qualms here, but for now I’ll just say that every time there was a riddle, Batman should’ve paused and looked into the camera for thirty seconds because he was shouting out the answers before I could even process what the riddle was asking. It’s fucked up.

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