Once Upon a Time in America ★★★★★

More people should watch this masterpiece. Its the last movie made by Sergio Leone based on the book Hoods. It has robert de niro and james woods as the leading actors.
 This was Leones masterpiece. Its a long movie, running over 4 hours. I bought a blu ray version of it and watched it alone, in a dark room. It was brutal, emotional and powerful. It showed who their characters were. The personality and attitude.
Good direction by Leone. The
cinematography was flawless. The shot in the city as the young versions of them are walking over, you know what i mean. That shot is one of my favourite. It shows the beauty of this movie. The pacing was alright, but it had me entertained so...
A masterpiece. Everyone should watch this film. Its raw, visceral and pretty rewatchable. You will not be bored.

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