Moonlight ★★★★½

I think this still holds up really well. I’m just not leaving the theatre quite as exhilarated as I did a few years ago, but rather much sadder this time.

Though the film focuses on the repression of sexuality, personality, identity, etc. of its protagonist, it’s more apparent to me that most (maybe all?) of these characters are pretty underwritten.

But the actors more than make up for it: nearly uniformly excellent. All the Chiron’s are terrific. I’m not crazy about what Naomie Harris does in the first two parts, but her scene at the end is great. I champion Mahershala Ali’s Oscar win for this, but I now believe André Holland is the MVP. Incredible!

A powerful cinematic experience that benefits from each part being better than the one before it. Its style (for better or worse) has already influenced many imitators and will continue to do so. And unless a miracle happens next Sunday, this is obviously the best Best Picture winner of the decade.

At 5th Ave Cinema. 💗 Accidentally sat down in the wrong auditorium for Abbas Kiarostami’s 24 FRAMES, but thankfully we didn’t miss any of MOONLIGHT.

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