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  • Some of My Best Friends Are...

    Some of My Best Friends Are...


    Makes its points best by setting it on Christmas Eve/Christmas. Family wasn’t so much chosen by queer people as it is now; 50 years ago it was found, in certain places. At least some sense of it. Messy and lonely, but less so than what was waiting for them outside.

  • Thundercrack!



    Didn’t watch, but it’s been on my mind lately! A masterpiece! George Kuchar was a genius. 😢😭 Marion Eaton’s performance is brilliant!

    Worth every penny for that Blu-ray, so you can read how perfect George’s dialogue is with the subtitles.

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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie

    Film Independent Presents:

    Just kept getting more and more exhausting *and* underwhelming as it goes on, and it feels endless. Every scene is like... 25x too long.

    I still love Zendaya! She’s not bad, even good at times, but ultimately disappointing. But John David Washington is so annoying and ACTING in all caps and exclamation points and a flood of emoji. I actually think he’d be great (and better used) on a soap opera.

    I liked the music a lot.…

  • The Stepford Wives

    The Stepford Wives

    Bette Midler: OH MY GOD!
    Nicole Kidman: What is it?
    Bette Midler: ... Viggo!