Brazil ★★★★★

Ever since college, Brazil has been my go-to when people ask the crazy-making question "What's your favorite movie?" In many ways, it's anarchic and undisciplined, as Terry Gilliam films tend to be, but it's also funny, frightening, impressively prescient, passionate, and just plain not like anything else ever made. A bunch of us at The Dissolve just re-watched it for an upcoming Movie Of The Week discussion on the site (starting Monday, August 5 for those who want to play along) and we'll be writing a great deal about it then, so I won't get too deeply into it here and now, except to say this: Brazil is Gilliam's masterpiece. Impeccably crafted, brilliantly thought-through, and just plain crazy. It had been too long since I'd seen it. I'd forgotten why it was my default "favorite film" answer, apart from broad particulars like the beautiful fantasy scenes or the unforgettable ending or the fantastic Jonathan Pryce lead performance. Re-watching it reconfirmed my college decision: It's a favorite. Maybe still THE favorite.