New Tale of Zatoichi

New Tale of Zatoichi ★★★★★

Ichi is so ready to finally put all the killings and bloodshed and guilt and regrets behind him and start a new life with the woman he loves, little does he know he still has 23 movies left lmao. 

But in all seriousness "a man out for revenge against a man who’s laid down his sword" (done best in Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Fire Punch, I might add) and "former pupil vs teacher" are two of my favorite tropes in media and this just executed both masterfully. I’m amazed how much they were able to pack in such a short runtime filled with distinct characters each with their own motive that plays off of one another in interesting ways. An absolute masterpiece of a screenplay during what is perhaps the pinnacle of screenwriting which is 50s - 60s Japanese samurai cinema. 

That sorrowful look Ichi gives after killing someone is powerful every one of the 40 times that he does it.

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