Mermaid Legend

Mermaid Legend ★★★★½

One of those movies that you absolutely need to go in blind and I’m so glad I did because nothing could’ve prepared me for it. I thought this was gonna be some August in the Water type deal and indeed it was: slow, meditative, almost a vibe-only experience but minus the boring because August in the Water is the most boring movie ever made; so around the one-hour mark when it all of a sudden EXPLODES into utter insanity and extremity I was legit shocked. The ending is literally unhinged and if I only showed you the opening and final 10 minutes you would never in a billion years guessed they were from the same movie. And not in a gimmicky way like From Dusk Till Dawn where the movie literally forces itself into another genre. There’s a natural progression of character and stakes here and even when the jaw dropping finale is unfolding in front of your very eyes, it seemed believable within the context.

Mesmerizing score by Toshiyuki Honda.

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