Malignant ★★★

Warner Bros probably didn’t know how to market this thing because every piece of marketing that I’ve seen of this has been trying to sell it as your usual James Wan jump scare fest, which it really isn’t? I mean it is for a little bit, and then it isn’t. I don’t think even Jame Wan knows how to market this because he kept pulling the word "giallo" out of his asshole but just about the only thing this has in common with giallo is how boring they both are to watch. That is until the last 20 mins happens where shit goes so off the rails that it becomes genuinely fun and really funny. At this point I can’t tell if James Wan is secretly a genius at horror comedy or if he’s just too stupid to see what he’s been doing is the furthest thing from being "scary", but either way it made me laugh and I had a great time; which at the end of the day is all that matters, I suppose.

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