Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★½

Willie, we-are-going-to-DIE!

Back on track with Spielberg's fun!
I'm not a big fan of this saga, but I'm enjoying it as hell!

The acting job by Harrison Ford and Steven's direction is perfect, the way of presenting the characters and main trouble involving a great adventure from story is the best aspect of this film.

But I also got confused with the villains and their lack of motivation. Sure, it's enjoyable but objectively I don't find myself connected with their explanation of taking the stones, and that's one of the main problems of this saga.

I liked Short Round as a complementary character, but hated Willie as the female companion, she sucks! I don't get why every film must have a new girlfriend, they should have stayed with the first one.

Also, I usually don't criticize the visual effects of old movies, but they really sucked hahaha
Although, I loved all the insects and skulls! They scared the hell out of me

Overall, this is an entertaining movie and everyone should just enjoy this saga without overthinking and just have a great time with it!

Great film.

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