• Murder by Death

    Murder by Death


    Making fun of a Clue murder mystery, Murder by Death is a hilarious slapstick whodunit gone wrong. The cast of characters being a band of detectives sure is unique, although doing yellowface isn’t the best thing to have on your record. The only real reason he was a character was as a spoof of Charlie Chan, another expert detective in media victim of yellowface. All of the characters in the movie are actually spoofs on detectives, using the actors who…

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    Not nearly as homoerotic as the first one, which is a setback for the movie, but the Navy still did not notice how gay this movie was in its making. 

    I am incredibly impressed by the technical and physical achievements that were made in order to make this movie possible, and I am so glad Tom Cruise and his team cut as little corners as possible to make this an insanely action-packed movie, for which it was. The climax in…

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi


    Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok so this is good and there is a lot I want to talk about with this, so bear with me. Bear with me for a long time, because I am going into literally everything I noticed with this show, which there is a lot of. So, starting off with everything I like (spoilers btw):

    The action is some of the best storytelling action I have seen in a Star Wars movie…

  • Tropic Thunder

    Tropic Thunder


    The second third thing on my watchlist ever and it only took me almost two and a half years to watch it. Also only the third movie I’ve watched this month. And boy am I glad I did.

    I was kind of waiting to watch this one with my friends, which probably would’ve been a good idea given how fun it is, but I said screw it I'm doing an RDJ-athon this weekend. This is an actually insanely meta critique…

  • Edward Scissorhands

    Edward Scissorhands


    No wonder Hallie liked Edward Scissorhands a ton, I get it now.

    Edward Scissorhands is the last movie I watched for Film and Lit, although another team was showing Frankenweenie I missed most of it. Tim Burton knows how to adapt Mary Shelley’s novel really well, in both cases I think but here especially. He’s able to put his own spin on it but have it stay true to its source material and it’s themes. Scissorhands dives deeper into the…

  • Take the Money and Run

    Take the Money and Run


    A super simple yet really effective comedy, Woody Allen is too funny to be molesting his daughter and it feels really weird to enjoy his movies that much. But this is actually a pretty damn funny movie, as we see Woody walk around trying to make a living off of crime, and all the antics that happen because he's a sack of potatoes. I think this movie embodies what Looney Tunes cartoons show. A lot of the interactions that Woody…

  • The Truman Show

    The Truman Show


    Man The Truman Show packs so much meaning inside a ridiculous package, and I always manage to love every bit of this movie. The jokes at beginning where we’re not sure this is a set, Truman and Cristoff’s relationship, all do the fish-eye you could ask for and cameras grounded in its setting perfectly. Nearly every little detail in this movie could be a nod to its fabrication, narrative or as a joke. Newspapers riddled with headlines trying to persuade…

  • District 9

    District 9


    This was an easy movie to sit through Film and Lit for, and don’t worry the teacher didn’t pick this one out it was the students for some reason. Doesn’t have much of a toe or the Frankenstein book, but here we are. The context I saw this movie in made it not as enjoyable as I would’ve hoped, and given the resolution on the screen was low, not the best “viewing experience” I’ve had. But as far as the…

  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

    Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers


    This is going to be a rant about Toons with a little bit sprinkled about how fun this movie is. I need to start making my reviews shorter.

    First off, all the voice acting feels off and I have approximately no idea why but it does. Maybe it’s the fact that Dale barely moves his face for expressions, or maybe it’s because both of their voices are so ingrained in my brain because they are two of my favorite comedians,…

  • The Departed

    The Departed


    Good Will Hunting but with guns.

    I think this is actually a pretty damn good movie, especially considering Mark Wahlberg, AKA Transformers guy, is in a Scorsese film. All of the cast I think is perfect for all of the roles they play, even though I don't really even know what Bostonians sound like so I can't say if Damon's accent is annoying or not. Nicholson, DiCaprio, and Damon all stole the show with their incredible performances, and I especially…

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    I don't know why I watched this AFTER MoM but here we are. Doctor Strange in the Original Movie, is not as good as its sequel if I'm going to be completely honest. I think that might boil down to Doctor Strange as a character in this movie compared to the second one. In the second one, he's a more developed character. he's still got the hint of arrogance that was very present in the first movie. What I think…

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    I liked all of the Sam Raimi bits a lot, but I also didn't like any of the Marvel bits of this at all.

    There's a lot to talk about here. Where should I start? I'll start with all of the good things about it. I looooooove Sam Raimi, and I love how he directed this. All of his camp juices oozed into the movie and made it really enjoyable to watch. I knew that Danny Elfman was doing the…