Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising ★★★★★


I had watched this Kenneth Anger short a couple of years ago, but now that I'm more versed in the likes of John Waters and Queer Theory, I decided to rewatch, which turned out to be a completely different and much more pleasant experience.

Bikers, black leather, skulls, Luckies, Dean and Brando, cheesy love songs from the 50's, S&M, cocaine, shots of penises, Jesus and the 12 apostles, nazism (nazi checkers, you guys?! that's the only reference I believe was used purely for shock value, much like the punks did in the 70's). I can't believe how subversive this must have been in 1964. It's one of those ground breaking works of art that gives you the impression that everyone who came later on copied from it (Lady Gaga, to name the most obvious one).

Although its political incorrectness and suggested link between homoerotism and catholicism gave margin for stupid people to come out and spread even more prejudice, plus, even more terribly awful portraits of homossexuals in movies (see: Cruising, from 1977), this is truly a subversive classic.

p.s.: want this soundtrack to play on my funeral.