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I watch a lot of bad horror movies. Sometimes I watch some decent movies too.

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  • Dominion



    Maybe it’s because I’ve had a dead stare and a broken heart since the premiere last night but the best review I can think of for this devastating documentary is this blurb that I read on the grief coping cards in the restroom when I stepped out to take a break from the atrocities on screen:
    “You may notice feelings of anger, despair, grief, or hopelessness. You may struggle to forget the images you’ve seen, have negative thoughts about people and the world, or struggle to sleep and concentrate. Please note that these are normal emotions, and a valid response to experiencing something traumatic.”

  • Buzzard



    I laughed for about ten minutes at the Bugles scene and then I cringed for an equal amount of time at the spaghetti scene and I think that’s an appropriate explanation for this movie.