Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

Wow... This movie is delicious. A beautiful cast with great performances from almost all of them (some barely had screentime so they didn't have much to go off of), brilliant cinematography, and overall an excellent modern take on the classic whodunnit story. I did find some of the twists, and even the final reveal, a little predictable as they reminded me of classic whodunnit twists.
For a two and a bit hours long movie, this flew by fast. I was just so engrossed in what was shoved in my face that I couldn't help but get lost in the film. It brought me to my childhood of being nose-deep in whoodunnit books and trying to figure out who dun did it.
I was mostly impressed by Ana de Armas through her performance and her well-developed and utilized character. She really drove the plot to exciting places. An extra clap for Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Michael Shannon for their performances specifically 👏.

I also congratulate Daniel Craig for saving his accent in the later half of the film as it started off really weird🎉

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