Roma ★★★★

I would have watched this earlier but when I went to the cinema to see it, it was sold out (*inner monologue* of course it was you fuckin idiot. Did you really expect there'd be tickets left on evening show from a film with a notable limited cinematic release? You turned up 5 minutes before it was meant to start, people would have pre-booked days ago. Even the guy behind the counter knew what a tremendous boob you had been. That's not naïvity, that's just negligence) so I watched it like a month later on my tiny laptop screen in my underwear which is way less cool.

Props to Alfonso Cuaron for making Gravity, then turning around and making *this* film. One of the most beautifully shot films I have seen in my life, every film he makes appears to solidify his case as one of the 21st century's greatest filmmakers.