Kill the Day

Kill the Day ★★★

Dramatic Short - The second short in writer-director Lynne Ramsey's family/fragility trilogy brings us into the world of a Scottish junkie named James Gallagher (James Ramsey). We see him jimmy the lockers in a hospital, stealing purses, credit cards and valuables that he can fence for cash to support his habit. Much of his time is spent in a stupor or strung out, but we do get a flashback to his youth (Andrew Barton), when he and a friend (Stevan Brennan) pushed a guy into a canal where he may have drowned. We then see James in prison as an adult before another flashback to his life at age ten (Robert McEwan), romping naked by a river with his mates, catching insects and splashing in the water. Imprisoned James exercises. Recovering junkie James smokes and bangs his head against a window. Although nothing much happens beyond killing time, Ramsay's dark vision won awards at two short film festivals -- another step on her path to a bright future in filmmaking.

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