Intolerable Cruelty

Intolerable Cruelty ★★½

"People get to Las Vegas, and all of a sudden the rules of the moral universe don't apply. God is dead. All things are possible." ~ Miles Massey

George Clooney is slick, as always, playing bigshot L.A. attorney Miles Massey, who makes a living off other folks' marital messes. Complementing his performance, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Marilyn, the marry-for-money multiple divorcee, is as devious as she is smoking hot. And Geoffrey Rush gives it his best, as always, in the role of cuckolded TV producer Donovan Donaly. But I didn't really get on board with this story till Billy Bob Thornton made his appearance about half way in. Clearly, the Brothers Coen were holding him in reserve for the real fun to begin, because up till that point this was a bit of a snore.

If there's a point to this film other than making us laugh at how the rich and beautiful people play at marriage and money, it's that love still counts ... a pretty sappy message that misses the mark. Compared to the many wonderful things I've seen the Coens do, this falls short, not for lack of directorial artistry or scriptwriting humor but for a topic unworthy of their skills.

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