Avatar ★★★★★

Just saw this in 3D IMAX. Bravo! James Cameron deserves all of the accolades and $$$ he is getting for this film. At last, someone has used 3D as a complete storytelling medium, not just a gimmick. Even the credits roll in 3D!

Cameron shakes the viewer right out of the theatre seat and into his otherwordly creation. You don’t just watch this film, you get sucked right into it. The cinema should have provided a decompression chamber and air masks for returning to the “real world” after this incredible journey to Pandora. Not since I rode the rocket ship at Disneyland in the 1950s as a tot have I felt so transported… and that includes Star Trek – The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton and the Back to the Future Ride at Universal Studios. Avatar is a trip!

Others will write about the borrowed plotline, the moral messages and the symbolism. Forget all that. This movie gives a whole new meaning to the “ENTER” in entertaining. By all means see it – experience it – before it leaves the big screen.

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