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  • The Last Duel
  • Malignant
  • The Mauritanian
  • Pig

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  • Family Plot


  • Marc Maron: End Times Fun

  • Frenzy


  • Line Goes Up: The Problem With NFTs


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  • Family Plot

    Family Plot


    What a weird feel-goody ending to a Hitchcock movie and I guess to his career as well.

    It took me two years to go through his 5 decades spanning filmography while discussing it *cough* @planetfilmgeek *cough* and it’s been a blast. Thanks to my dude Joe for reading three whole biographies preparing for our discussions and making this a truly great experience!

  • Line Goes Up: The Problem With NFTs

    Line Goes Up: The Problem With NFTs


    During the past year I tried to keep away from these NFT bros on twitter and it’s actually astounding just how moronic and desperate they all really are.

    I like Dan’s in depth dives a lot and he did a really great job of capturing the absurdity of it all.

Popular reviews

  • Parasite



    This movie is a fucking banger. This movie slaps so hard it's easily my favourite of the year. No question about it.

    Honestly, it's just so great and gorgeous. The acting is so good, the humour works so well and I loved every second of it.

  • Joker



    It’s all about the aesthetic of a gritty societal critique with actual no content at all. They put a lot of effort into recreating the outer shell of the movies this is inspired by without realizing that Todd really didn’t have anything to say. How couldn’t it have come out as a incoherent mess when it’s all about imitating the looks of better films?

    Man, this movie made me really tired. We really do be living in a society.