The Little Things

The Little Things ★★½


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The Little Things is an okay detective movie. I’ve been looking forward to watching this film and because of it’s mixed reviews that made me all the more interested to see what I would think of it. Although I had a strong feeling it wouldn’t be good I was still hoping it would at least be pretty good, this film unfortunately turned out to be very disappointing. The plot is okay it’s an entertaining but bland story. It’s an occupying and somewhat enjoyable plot despite it’s weaknesses. There is a ton of plot points that feel extremely similar to David Fincher’s Se7en, it can feel so familiar at times that you can’t help but feel like you’re watching a remake. Also the story consists of plot holes that could have easily been avoided. The pacing is decent besides the second act most of the story is pretty well paced.

The acting is good Denzel Washington and Rami Malek give good performances. Washington was probably the best part of the film. While Malek did give a good performance there is a handful of other actors that would have fit the role better. Jared Leto gives a decent supporting performance as the creepy psychopath as well. The direction is decent from John Lee Hancock, most of his directorial choices felt unoriginal and underdeveloped. The script is mediocre there is a few interesting pieces of dialogue but for the most part the script felt chunky. The cinematography is good this film has a couple of shots that do a notable job at using dark colors/shadows. The editing is bad it’s clinked and dull editing that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. The ending is a predictable but satisfying ending. Overall while it has a few positive aspects The Little Things is ultimately an overly familiar and poorly executed crime film that could have been much better. 

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