The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★


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The Godfather Part 2 is my favorite film of all time. This is no doubt the greatest Best Picture Winner and for many reasons is the closest a film can be perfect for me. Everything about the first film is brought to the next level, It’s a lot darker and realistic. While I still think that The Godfather is the greatest film ever made this is ultimately the better of the two. Similar to my rewatch of the first, I picked up a ton of things I didn’t notice in my past watches and when I watch it again I guarantee I’ll pick up even more little details.

The plot is fantastic it continues the Corleone story and it’s incredibly engaging. It’s a very long film but I wasn’t bored because of how captivating and memorable the story is. Its also brilliant how it switches from Vito’s story to Michael’s story and it’s one of the big reasons I find this film better than the first. The acting is phenomenal Al Pacino gives an utterly phenomenal performance. Micheal Corleone has an incredible character arc and he is probably one of (if not) the most well developed character in film history. Robert DeNiro gives a phenomenal performance as a younger Vito Corleone and his Oscar win was one of the most deserving ever. Lee Strasberg and Michael V. Garzo give fantastic supporting performances, their characters were great additions. Robert Duvall and John Cazzle give fantastic supporting performances as well. Also the use of Fredo in this film is brilliant.

The direction is phenomenal from Francis Ford Coppola, everything he did in The Godfather is used once again and works just as incredibly as before. The script from Coppola and Mario Puzo is fantastic as well. The cinematography is beautiful, almost every shot is impressive and thought out. The score is phenomenal it’s probably one of my favorites as well.  The production design is basically perfection every little thing is incredibly detailed, it’s undeniably the greatest case of production design for me. The ending will forever be my favorite ending of all time as well. It’s such a powerful and shocking ending that gets me everytime. Overall The Godfather Part 2 is the greatest sequel ever made and the closest a film can get to perfection. 

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