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Pig is a great movie. I didn’t even know about this film until it came out and started racking up many surprisingly positive reviews claiming it’s one of the best films of the year so far but that was well enough to make me really want to see it. After my vacation break I wanted to return to my movie-watching by seeing one of the many notable films playing in theaters right now and after some careful thinking of which I wanted to see most this film reigned supreme. I’m glad I saw this one in the theaters because if I would have seen Old or Space Jam 2 I most likely would have regretted it especially since this film landed such a high spot on my 2021 films ranking as of right now. Also it was a great experience seeing an independent film in theaters, which I’ve only done a few times, along with a mildly surprising crowd of about twenty other people. This film isn’t entirely trying to please someone or a group of people it’s simply a piece of raw cinema that reeks of passion from it’s creators and doesn’t care whether it gains critical or audience success, only if the creators/performers are satisfied with what they’ve made. 

The plot is great it’s a wildly metaphorical and engaging story. The story is a familiar but original tale of a broken person losing something that he loves and having to face his past in order to restore what they lost, this story that certain something being a truffle pig. It’s a story that focuses on revealing hints of our main character Rob’s past while still leaving the viewer to interpret a great deal of it and how it could influence his decisions or emotions. Themes of the importance of finding something in life to care about, the acceptable of loss, and most importantly moving forward in the hardest parts of life are excellently dealt with through the relationship of Rob and his pig. 

That’s not the only relationship that develops some outstanding themes though, Rob’s friendship with the ambitious Amir. Their young/youthful and older/wise dynamic worked on so many different layers. While telling Rob’s story of learning to move on it showcases the simple beginning of Amir’s complex coming of age journey too. There is a few flaws with the story the biggest ones being that the three part/chapter format the story follows could allow the missing of a beat ever so often and there is a few scenes that would have benefited from being further expanded on, especially that underground hotel fight club scene. 

The pacing is great there’s a few taps of slow pacing but I enjoyed every minute of it and for me it was predominantly well paced. The acting is fantastic Nicholas Cage gives a fantastic performance. He gives such a brilliantly restrained and brutally realistic performance that he, at the same time, disappears into while also being fully recognizable in his ever growing reputation. Although it’s highly expected he’ll be snubbed at most of the big awards I think he deserves some sort of recognition for his performance, it would be such a pleasant surprise if he earned an Oscar nomination but as mentioned I highly doubt that will happen.

 Alex Wolff gives a great supporting performance as this complex young businessman who desires the things in life he could, and will never, quite reach. He embodies this intricate character and his intricate friendship with Rob with such care
Based on his performances in Hereditary, Patriots Day, this, and even the most recent Jumanji films there’s practically no denying I’m becoming one of his fans and a firm believer he’s going to be a major player in the future of both independent and mainstream film. Adam Arkin gives a very good supporting performance as well. The direction is fantastic from Michael Sarnoski, his directorial choices all reflect his inspiring amount of concentration and the type of raw talent all young filmmakers wish to have. The script is great it’s a meaningful and very well written script full of memorable pieces of dialogue especially between the two main characters. The cinematography is great the overly dark lighting can be a tad disillusioning in the first act but for the most part this film is full of impressive shots. The editing is great as well. The ending is a foreseeable but nonetheless emotionally strong and heartbreaking ending that leaves your mind to wonder what will happen next with these characters. Overall Pig is a poetic drama/thriller that’s dark yet tender tone will most likely draw in any fan of the genre, it’ll certainly maintain a spot as one of the year’s best films. 

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