Glass ★★½


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Glass is a messy movie. Since I watched Unbreakable with my grandma, she loved it, we planned to watch Split but about 10 minutes into the film we had to stop it because we both didn’t realize it was a full on horror film. I personally love the horror genre and the film was seeming pretty good but my grandma isn’t a fan so we stopped it. So instead of watching Split we easily just skipped to the final installment in the trilogy that didn’t seem as intense. While it was certainly great seeing David Dunn and Mr. Glass again and the film is very engaging, it consisted of a ton of flaws that majorly weighed it down. It’s a shame that there was never another good film with the characters from Unbreakable. To be honest the main thing I took out of this film was that it further solidified my newly found love for Unbreakable. 

The plot isn’t that good it’s an interesting but poorly executed story. The story is continually engaging and holds this dark, smarty tone but it unfortunately is a messy story. It’s embarrassing how self indulgent the plot feels because of how eccentricity it presents this high concept/ psychological premise. Basically the premise for most of the film is about an anti-superhero psychologist trying (and almost succeeding) to convince these three obvious super humans that they are just normal people. A lot of the plot points feel contradictory, underdeveloped, and plainly stupid. A good amount of the film is setting up all this emotional drama but then when the time comes to use that supposed emotional depth the film falls right on its face, coming off as manipulative and rushed. 

Another thing that really bothered me was why Dunn and Kevin/the hoard would even think they may not be superhuman in the first place. Based on Dunn’s experience with the janitor in the last film and the fact that the beast can literally climb upside down on the ceiling like a lizard why would they ever even consider thinking they’re normal? The pacing is great since it’s such an engaging and enjoyable story there isn’t a lot of slow or boring moments. The acting is decent Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis give decent performances. They’re only giving a quarter of what they gave in Unbreakable but they both still do a decent reprising their beloved roles.

James McAvoy gives a very good performance. He nails all 24 personalities and made “The Beast” persona very scary. Eventually when I go back and watch Split I’ll be looking forward to seeing an even more focused performance from him. Anna Taylor Joy, Saul Paulson (always a genuinely menacing villain!), Spencer Treat Clark, and Charlayne Woodard give decent supporting performances as well. The direction isn’t that good from M. Night Shyamalan, almost all of his directorial choices weren’t thought out enough and felt foggy. I finally get why many dislike him as director. The script is okay it’s a choppy but effective enough script that consists of some fun pieces of dialogue. The cinematography is decent but it’s plain compared to the cinematography in Shyamalan’s other films. The ending is a disarming and disappointing ending that seems pretty stupid in the grand scheme of things. Say what you will about the third act but those twists were pretty surprising even though they were very sloppily done. Overall Glass is a fun but mainly disappointing and convoluted superhero film that could have been much better if it consisted of good execution. 

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