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C'mon C'mon ★★★★½


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C’mon C’mon is an excellent movie. I’ve been very much looking forward to see this film ever since I learned of the drama’s premise but last week when it was supposed to have came out across the country it surprisingly didn’t come to any of the theaters near me or in my state so I accepted I wouldn’t be able see it until it came to rent but then a week later showings had finally began popping up and my anticipation grew even stronger. Despite the very positive reviews in which a good deal of people claimed it to be one of the best films of the year and the already high expectations I had for it I still found myself with those expectations absolutely surpassed by the end of the film. As soon as this film ended I knew it was my favorite of the year so far and while I may have it at a high four and a half star rating right now on a pre-Oscars rewatch I could definitely see myself raising it to the full on five star treatment. This is seriously one of the most soulful, warmly dramatic, and important films of recent years that’s deserving of all the attention it’s getting and so much more. 

It’s a film that genuinely cares about it’s audience and wishes to share a tale so authentic that the viewer in one way or another finds themselves reflecting on their own life. For me, a young person, through the questions and messages of the future showcased in the film I couldn’t help but use that as insight into a realistic look at what I think about what’s to come, what I fear, and most importantly how I feel about the subject. It’s truly hard to put into words the memories and emotions this film made me envision and what feelings it put into effect about how I observe my future which comes closer and closer every day. I certainly have a further appreciation for life and humanity after watching this film. 

The plot is great it’s a very thematic and compellingly low key story. It’s one of those stories everyone can find a way or reason to connect with the messages and character arcs in the film. Some films have stories that are made to act as escapism to a new world or even a real world situation unfamiliar to us personally but then there’s stories like this one that hold up a mirror to the audience and present something that feels so real. This story acts as a testament to the future and a sentimental stare back at the past. It’s sort of like a warm hug that reminds you of the conflicts to come and the conflicts that have already occurred but reassures what matters in life and that amongst the chaos of life inner joy can always be discovered if you know where to look. So many themes are brilliantly dealt with too. 

The scene where Jesse expresses his fears about forgetting the trip he’s had with his uncle as he grows up almost brought me to tears and made me realize a personal fear I didn’t know about prior to seeing this film. There’s so many negative things in life you wish to forget but you never quite think about you’ll eventually be forgetting about the moments and people you find the most happiness in which scares me more than I would have expected. I’ll even be forgetting the incredible feeling I have while writing this review right after seeing the film in theater by the time I’m posting it. Even if these themes seem heavy they’re all subtly conveyed and used to help bring the viewer towards a path of reflection on each’s life. There’s not a lot of flaws with the story except maybe some in the first act or some aspects that feel repetitive but those flaws are very minor nonetheless. The pacing is great since it’s such an engaging story there isn’t a single slow or boring moment. 

The acting is phenomenal Joaquin Phoenix gives a phenomenal performance. He gives an emotionally poignant and subtle performance that just further solidifies him a spot as one of the greatest living actors. He went from an incredible performance in Joker to an incredible performance in this that’s impressive for almost completely different reasons. Woody Norman gives an outstanding performance that is undoubtedly one of, if not the, best child performance I’ve ever seen 
He presents so many deep layers and emotional ranges all at the age of nine. It’s clear you have the potential to become an outstanding actor when you star in a film with Joaquin Phoenix and mange to give an even better performance. I’m very eager to see what he does next and hope with all my heart he continues to act as he grows older. 

Gabby Hoffman gives a phenomenal supporting performance that excels an equal amount of convincing emotions. All three deserve Oscar nominations and in a perfect world Norman would be heading straight for a win. Scoot McNairy gives a great supporting performance too. The direction is fantastic from Mike Mills, his style of directing is strongly apparent but never in your face present which is brilliant in this type of film. It’s incredible that even formed this elegant vision but more impressive that he successfully brought in to life in full force. If his excellent direction in this film is as good in his other films I’m definitely going to have to start checking out his filmography which I’ve seen none of besides this film. The script is phenomenal it’s an incredibly well written script that does such an amazing job of building a sense of realism that most of the film doesn’t even feel like a script is being used.

The cinematography is fantastic this film either consists of enchanting landscape shots of the three cities they visit or intimate ones that capture the essence of our three main characters, both types being smoothly executed in black and white coloring. It’s been one heck of a year for cinematography especially in the black and white films. I understand why some people are getting frustrated recent films like this or Belfast or Passing have been receiving praise for their cinematography supposedly just for the sake of being filmed in black and white but in my opinion each one of the three mentioned have exceptionally executed and powerfully insightful cinematography even if they were shot in color. The editing is subtle but smartly balanced too.

In terms of the Oscars this film used to not have a lot of momentum but over the past few weeks it’s built some solid chances that I have hope the Oscars will acknowledge. This could very well change but as of now I’m predicting it to get nominated for only two Oscars, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, although the three performances all deserve nods the most. If it doesn’t get screenplay it won’t get in for picture but it could very well get in for screenplay without a Best Picture nomination. While Licorice Pizza has a strong chance of replacing this film’s current spot as my favorite of the year it’s already a huge Oscar contender so I’ll absolutely be in this film’s corner rooting for it to gain a good amount nominations across all the award shows. The ending left me unbelievably moved and teary eyed as I embraced the final moments of one of my favorite experiences at the theaters this year. Overall C’mon C’mon is a film that acts as a device to widely reflect on mankind and so marvelously touch each viewer’s heart in such an outstandingly real way that no one can truly come close to doing justice by describing or attempting to capture with words, it’s without a doubt a film with the ability to change one’s outlook on life. 

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