Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★★


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Bullet Train is a surprisingly great movie. As for the next film in my beginning of the year catch up of major 2022 films I missed out on I wanted to finally check out this hit film I had full intention on seeing on the big screen in August but unfortunately, and regrettably, ended up passing. Ultimately I think the main reason I didn’t see this film upon it’s release was the incredibly mixed, more or less negative, reviews but to my unknowing this turned out to be a prime example of a film critics didn’t like but audiences adored. The success at the Box Office should have been enough to get me to at least give it ago but once it released on Netflix and became largely popular I realized there’s no way I could go any longer without seeing what all the buzz was about. I had a feeling I would like this but I’ve got to hand it to the film, I had an absolute blast. Objectively I get why critics weren’t fans of this film as there’s plenty of issues to be found, some of the over the top-ness doesn’t always click and there’s no true overlying theme, but I found I generally hard not to love this film.

 From the electric style that’s full of an infectious amount of purely entertaining energy to the brilliantly choreographed action sequences that had my eyes glued to the screen I had no choice but to have a huge grin on my face the entire time watching. Also unlike almost every blockbuster coming out nowadays, although 2022 had quite a few of them, this film had tremendously high stakes that constantly had me on the edge of my seat for all these character I grew to enjoy. Speaking of the characters, the ensemble of actors playing them did an excellent job. While Brad Pitt is delivering some awesome leading work in this it’s really the rest of the supporting cast that steals the show. Aaron Taylor Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry have phenomenal chemistry, Joey King is wonderfully devious, Hiroyuki Sanada is badass, and every other member of the stacked cast is great. David Leitch holds everything together with the type of commitment that automatically makes him the type of action filmmaker I’ll be coming back to. Also even though the humor didn’t always work, there was enough gags that got me to laugh to where I wouldn’t say it didn’t work for me. Overall in a similar vein to what made Kingsman: The Secret Service so enjoyable Bullet Train is an action film firing on all cylinders to provide a purely engaging experience and it does exactly that, for once this is actually a film I’d love to see a sequel or spinoff for. 

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