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Another Round is an outstanding movie. I usually don’t rewatch a film so soon after I first see it but since I had got my grandma wanting to see it and I genuinely adored almost everything about this film I with out question decided to experience it again. This film is simply brilliant and never failed to impress me even though I knew what was going to happen next. It’s a film that’s basically built on the chemistry of these four men and how incredibly believable their friendship is. The moving, fun, and thought provoking tone is perfectly conveyed through these four actors. With the help of Thomas Vinterberg’s astonishing direction their acting skill is elevated to something truly sterling. Also I don’t think I’ll ever get over the Academy for not nominating Mads Mikkelsen. Speaking of Mikkelsen’s performance, his acting/dancing in the ending scene uplifted it to by far be one of (if not the) best scenes of 2020. That ending scene was simply genius, it shows praising life itself and living without any worry in such a mesmerizing way. The whole film subtly builds up to that scene where the graduates celebrate their teachers, the men accept alcohol once again, and Martin finally shows off his dance moves. It’s sort of sad that even though everything seems fine the men will continuously get into conflict because of the fact they’ve became alcoholics. If this film doesn’t take home the Best International Feature Oscar tomorrow night I’ll be pretty confused and angry. Overall Another Round is a excellent drama that has a lot to say and delivers on almost every aspect, it’s a purely brilliant film. 

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