Sick ★★★★

This was definitely a surprise!

Lean, mean, and supplied all that slashery goodness I wanted.  The pacing was also magnificent with plenty of staggering white-knuckle tension. And those chase scenes.  Bitch, yes!

It’s going to be an interesting time stamp in the years to come.  Lysol as a weapon?  OMG yass.  A disposable face mask on the killer?  Girl, bye.  So good!  It does a wonderful job of displaying the mindset of most during the very early days of the pandemic (at least for those who took it serious). Also, the motive is so very, very 2020.  It’s ridiculous and borderline campy but the filmmakers execute it well.

I kinda loved this Covid-set slasher.  It’s a shame
Blumhouse didn’t put this in theaters.  It would’ve been a blast to watch this with a crowd.  8/10.

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