Scream ★★★★½

Enjoyed it more the second go-around.


This was an energetic, enormously enjoyable, and goddamn brutal slasher. It’s definitely made by fans with love for the franchise and love for Wes Craven. It has a clever screenplay that constantly pokes fun at itself, toxic fandom, sequels, and remakes. I was living.

The pacing was breakneck which hurt the film a little IMO. Mostly during the emotional moments… there needed to be some breathing room for the audience to digest items. I LOVED the new cast and I’m hoping a certain character takes on the franchise. Some of the supporting characters needed additional development. I’m thinking there was quite a bit cut from the first act but whatever, they had their moments and I liked them (unlike 4’s crowd).  

I’m curious to see if the new cast can carry any further sequels because let’s be real: our trio is the heart and soul of this franchise. BUT, I don’t want to see them go through anymore trauma, they really don’t deserve it LOL. Let them rest.

A vicious and violent whodunit. Not just a great entry into the Scream franchise but a pretty great slasher film overall. 9/10.

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