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  • Dynamite Brothers

    Dynamite Brothers


    Al Adamson ranked

    Doesn't bring anything new to the blaxploitation-kung fu crossover genre, but it kept me entertained the whole way through and things get nasty towards the end. During one of the first fights, I was hoping the camera would calm down, either it did for the following ones or I got used to it. I liked the fight in the back of the truck, not for the fight itself, but because fighting in an open moving truck is pretty cool. Upper middle tier Adamson, I assume the people rating it real low never saw his lesser flicks.

  • Murder-Rock: Dancing Death

    Murder-Rock: Dancing Death


    My second favorite dance school-set thriller after the OG Suspiria! Lots of tiddies and looong pins being stuck through them in shudderingly slow detail. Very original murder weapon. The impaled canary was a creepy detail that I appreciated. On top of all that good stuff, I loved the oh so 80's music and the dance scenes were great fun.

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  • Blood Diner

    Blood Diner


    I liked Blood Feast, but this made me 20x happier that I had seen it beforehand. The levels of silly here almost reach Troma and there are so many obviously fake body parts flying left and right! I appreciate that they didn't go for some fake swirly effect when someone got hypnotized, just a wide eyed stare.

    That ending is just wild, you got lazer beam eyes shooting people and a loud punk song about a stud pony and a…

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    I wouldn't really say it brings anything new to the religious-crazed subgenre, but it's told well and I always adore the magical realism on screen associated with that mindset. A solid piece of art horror, but this being A24, I kind of expected it to knock my socks off. Midsommar this is not, throw some thumbtacks in your shoes and see it anyway.