Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★★

I’ve seen a ton of 1 star reviews for this, and it makes me laugh almost as much as I intermittently giggled at the dumb jokes in this silly superhero sendup.

By this point in time, the only thing stupider than a Ben Falcone / Melissa McCarthy movie is watching it expecting anything other than purely mediocre stupidity.

Don’t open a bag of M&M’s expecting to taste Ghirardelli, Godiva, or Lindt.

I chuckled a few times—at Bateman’s lobster claws caressing McCarthy’s face in a dreamy throwback dance sequence set to “You Belong to the City”, at McCarthy and Spencer struggling to get out of the Lamborghini, at a hammy Bobby Cannavale villainously murdering his henchman for absurdly trivial reasons—and I appreciated the constant nostalgic references for Chicagoans—nods to the Tribune, the Cubs, the Bulls, the da’ 85 Bears (“The Super Bowl Shuffle” / Jim McMahon’s sunglasses), and Glenn Frey’s “Smuggler’s Blues” (debated for its unconventionality as pump-up music)—just enough to feel like I wasn’t utterly wasting my life.

And in the hands of this comedy team, I’ll count that a 2 star win.

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