Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

A couple takeaways from Knives Out:

1. When some old hack (cranky albeit brilliant Scorcese, I see you) says they don't make movies like they used to anymore, just show them this little popcorn gem: fun, smart, clever, and zippy. With Knives Out, Rian Johnson has updated and polished the Agatha Christie narrative to damn near perfection. Go watch the classic genre entries and whodunits on the AFI 100 and tell me this does not deserve to be considered for that or any other equivalent list.

2. Why was this not as respected for its cultural commentary as Get Out? The commentary on class and entitlement in this film was in a similar fashion decorated nicely in the sugary coating of genre tropes, and as biting and timely to the current political climate.

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