• Final Task

    Final Task


    Absolute intriguing direction, acting & writing and splendid editing, the ending quite let down though.Still, you can never go wrong with Director Milez's and his team effort.

    Sorry that im late.;)

  • Arrival



    Certainly one of the most important sci-fi films of the year.Just a minor mis-communicate would simply screw entire human universe, not to mention if Aliens really come to our earth and say hello one day.

  • Warcraft
  • The Storm Riders

    The Storm Riders

    They spend too much time on creating exaggerated CGIs to match the comic's epic battle arts for appealing fans (Despite I'm one of them) and which causing overall is sadly empty and drown even they casted the characters perfectly.

  • Hobo with a Shotgun

    Hobo with a Shotgun

    The fake trailer is more attractive.

  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four

    The hate and banish are reasonable and invetiable,but what's done is done and fact can't be reversed forvever .The film is essentially has it's potential and if scripted neatly at the second half and longer the action, then more goodies might be happened.

  • Monster Hunt

    Monster Hunt

    Expecting another cheap 3D monsters blockbuster and yet it proves me wrong though the plot had been recycled countless times.Right direction, good action planning,ear catchy soundtracks and good acting were making the overall film enough enjoyment and worth a hunt.

  • Kill Zone 2

    Kill Zone 2


    Action,Drama,Violence,Brutal and characters,all are worked quite well along and tops the original despite the numbers of fight scenes couldnt win the awe weapon fights between Donnie Yen and Wu Jing in the SPL 1, but still the sequel's actions are not easy to perform.Thanks to the good Judgement of controlling camera-views from the Director.Such an awesome experience to see both expert martial artist Wu Jing and Tony Jaa signed in the same film and great team works at the jaw-dropping final showdown.Its a shame some Donnie Yen's fans dropped it because without his involved.

  • Stake Land

    Stake Land


    'Welcome to Stake Land,Kid.'

    Impressive,they handled the genre nicely.Good direction,good characters and good soundtracks.You are not only locked in vamp's(looks more like a zombie) horror and human's horror too.If you look forward some over hyper actions like Paul W Anderson's silly Resident Evil series then you are in the wrong land.

  • Five Days

    Five Days

    A daring and strong efforts from cinema friend who sits on a Director's Chair to direct his own short with his film passionate rather than sit like a stone and dream to be a Well known director without take actions.

    However,the overall negative result is invetiable,things were descended rapidly at the second half and felt tedious,its like the script is a bit out of place.Some scenes were killed by picking wrong musics though good screenplay is written and the scene…

  • Blade of Fury

    Blade of Fury

    Neither Mr.Sammo's best nor worst,it just a kind of film he only did for entertainment.Nonetheless,the performers are still doing their jobs properly and again 'Wow' action managing from Mr.Sammo himself despite poor paced and messy editing.Since Mr.Sammo done it casually,you dont need to rush seeing this.

  • Ninja Resurrection

    Ninja Resurrection


    Ninja Resurrection and Ninja Scroll are TOTALLY unrelated and just they both have same protagonist name Jubei.However,im not sure why the studio wants to raise the sales with providing a misleading info for stating this is the sequel of Ninja Scroll and so the fans of NS flamed it very hard and plus the very poor sales hence the team decided to stop the project for almost decades or probably forever and no PROPER ending was given and NO plan…