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Where the Crawdads Sing from director Olivia Newman was fantastic.

It has such a captivating story where they manage to cram a lot into a 2hr 5 min movie.

Lucy Alibar's screenplay is great, she manages to write a screenplay where it has a court room drama, a murder mystery and romance. It is all balanced out perfectly.

Olivia Newman's vision is great. From getting the feeling of the marsh to the town spot on. That’s all down to a great script. The direction and script just came together brilliantly.

Daisy Edgar-Jones (Kya Clark) is brilliant. She gives an Oscar worthy performance as this girl who had a horrible childhood to someone who felt loneliness. She gets the southern accent on point.

Taylor John Smith (Tate Walker), Harris Dickinson (Chase Andrews) and David Strathairn (Tom Milton) all gave great supporting performances.

There’s a lot of character development and it starts with going from Kya's Childhood to who is this mysterious girl and did she kill Chase Andrews.

The flashback scenes to finding out about Kya and switching to present day in the court room where she’s up for trial. It’s never boring and they manage to keep it interesting as it goes along. 

The romance during the flashback scenes doesn't feel out of place and it doesn’t drag at all. The balance of it all is perfect.

The main negative for me is the verdict scene. They could’ve fleshed it out by 5-10 mins. 

The ending after the verdict was the perfect way to end the film. 

The scenery is gorgeous. It is complimented with some gorgeous cinematography and a great score. The editing was good but not great. 

Overall Where the Crawdads Sing is captivating, interesting and fantastic. I highly recommend the movie. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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