M3GAN ★★★★

Today has been the perfect day for me to go out to cinema. After waking up this morning that Lisa Marie Presley has died I felt this gut wrenching sadness. With me being a massive Elvis fan it really shocked.

Thankfully after going to see M3GAN today it just took my mind off it for a couple of hours.

M3GAN from director Gerard Johnstone surprised me quite a bit. I didn’t have high expectations for it. It looked like a ripoff of Chucky. With the Tomato meter being certified fresh in the 90s my expectations when up a bit.

M3GAN should of been shit but it actually worked quite well. 

M3GAN is a simple movie with a simple premise. 

We start of with knowing a bit about Cady (Violet McGraw) and what happened with her parents before Gemma (Allison Williams) took her in. 
Gemma makes a project robot called M3GAN which Cady and M3GAN becoming best friends and then the chaos ensues.

Akela Cooper puts a well written screenplay together. It has the laughs in the script which works well, it’s also not a cheesy/cringey script.

Gerard Johnstone does a pretty decent job behind the camera. The only let down with Gerard Johnstone's direction was the cheap/predictable jump scares. The jump scares wasn't crafted at all good.

Allison Williams (Gemma) is great in the role. She was great in Get Out and she’s just as good in this.

Violet McGraw (Cady) is great. If she keeps choosing the right roles she’s going to be a great up and coming actress.

I found the supporting cast solid.

M3GAN is one creepy doll, Jenna Davis does great as the voice of M3GAN.

Another negative is that you can tell the movie was cut in terms of blood and gore, I wish they kept the theatrical cut of it.

The climax was pretty good, I was very satisfied with it.

Overall M3GAN is a fun horror film which I highly recommend.

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