Finch ★★★½

Okay, it's not incredible, but Finch is the sweetest apocalypse movie ever made, and that second half almost got me to tear up...

Finch isn't anything sensational, I didn't walk away from it feeling that the sci-fi genre had been shaken up by the next groundbreaking thing. However, a surprisingly affectionate and heartfelt approach to the genre is what separates it from becoming too generic. The first 50 minutes or so had my interest waning, though I appreciated the similarities to Wall-E in terms of story and some Spielberg-like scenes, it couldn't help but feel very cute and similar to average dystopian flicks. The film's true greatness lies in the last hour, where it tenderly explores the concept of what it means to be human. The CGI was occasionally distracting (although the robot looked fantastic), but the much more grounded aspects of the story, conversations between Finch and his robot hit me in the heart quite a bit. It's when the film tries to be a full-on action movie when it loses focus and stumbles. There's a spectacular movie buried somewhere within Finch's simplicity, but I think the simple intimacy of the film is what makes it so endearing and enjoyable in the end. Tom Hanks is terrific, I thought his performance depicted the struggles of man in a very compelling way, and provided a few deeply emotional moments. Will I forget about it in a week? Probably, but sometimes I need movies like this, films with coherent, small stories that don't give you too much to think about, and if you look at it like that, Finch delivers entirely.


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