Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

"Flawless" Definition: (adjective) without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Yes, I know I'm reviewing this the morning after, but it still feels good to say it. If you've been following my diary, I've recently started to revisit some of Wes Anderson's filmography after viewing The French Dispatch, and I have a feeling all of them are going to end up with a 5/5 eventually. I haven't seen Fantastic Mr. Fox in two years (a crime, I know), so we decided to make it our family Thanksgiving movie last night, and honestly, it's an immaculate film. From a technical and creative level, there is nothing to fault about such a joyous, endlessly quirky, masterfully constructed animated experience. Wes Anderson infuses Roald Dahl's classic story with his signature cinematic wit and charm. The speedy, sincere dialogue, symmetrical visuals, and pitch-perfect cast are all present. I think it may also be Anderson's most hilarious film, the jokes land so well thanks to Anderson's to-the-point, very specific type of humor that never gets old, but also an ensemble of fabulous voice actors that just make their roles ever more charismatic. I know Up won best-animated feature that year, but, to be frank, I think it was the first 10mins of Up that won because the rest is kind of average. The level of artistry and craft presented on screen, the attention to detail, and such confidence in the genre are what make Fantastic Mr. Fox one of the greatest animated achievements ever, a top 3 for the genre, surely, the ultimate comfort movie.


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