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Film Club Reboot #9
Recommended by Andrea

Ted Cruz's dad is the Zodiac Killer 😳

Just kidding, now that I have your attention.

Zodiac tells the story of the manhunt of the Zodiac killer in San Fransisco. Spanning from the late 60s to the early 1970s, multiple detectives and news reporters try to figure out the clues and symbols of the killer. David Fincher continues to use his slickness and precision when it comes to directing. There is no dull moment and sometime it does feel a little bit too much with the editing. But, that is pretty much it. I dont have any issues with this film other than, the long runtime and I think that's just me nit-picking.

The three leads Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr and Jake Gyllenhaal are all excellent and each have their own purpose of finding the killer. Most notably Gyllenhaal's character goes through many stages of denial and frustration with the fact of going back in forth with the newspaper, detectives, and the "killers".

One scene that sticked out was the "killers" call to a TV station. The urgency and fear of Gyllenhaal's character's body language is what sold me his motivations.

Robert Downey Jr is also fantastic in this. I completely forgot how this was the beginning of his sober and resurgence days. Downey's character is basically the stoner/slacker of the ensemble but as time goes by, he begins to deteriorate along with the killer's investigation.

Mark Ruffalo is always great in these detective/thriller movies. He's a master at being the one finding all of the clues although, Gyllenhaal's character does most of the work. But, it's basically a meme at this point. If you see Mark Ruffalo in a detective movie, you know he's going to find some shit. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Chloe Sevigny doesn't need to do anything. She's just amazing in everything and in here too.

Also, it's very surprising to see how accurate the history is. Even though it goes through multiple timelines, there is never any dead moments. Fincher really kept this movie tight but, also loose with the characters and the acting. Excited to see Fincher returning to the big/small screen with Mank.

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