The Kid

The Kid ★★★★

American Film History #1
1920's Silent Era

This series is for my American Film History class. Guidance and critique of my blog posts can be helpful.

The Kid is Chaplin's first full feature length film and its only 53 minutes according to the HBO Max/Criterion Collection release. Chaplin directs and stars as the character "The Tramp". His character has appeared in many of his productions including Modern Times. So I'm guessing that this is prequel of some sorts. "The Tramp" was famously portrayed as a vigilante or an oddball in many comedic situations. It is a slapstick comedy first and a dramatic piece at the end with the little kid being introduced as the main plot device. This film like many other Chaplin productions is also a critique on working class structures specially, capitalism. "The Tamp" starts and continues to be poor. He struggles with maintaining jobs and is able to scheme his way through making money with the help of the little kid. The Kid is a great example of how the silent film era operated with the usage of subtitles and expressive body language from Charlie Chaplin himself.

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