The Five Devils

The Five Devils ★★★★½

This belongs in the Titane/Border cinematic universe.

A nightmarish portrayal on magic realism. By using scents and time travel to tell a story about a mother’s affair. An affair that broke Vicky’s world and Jimmy’s life. There’s one scene in the beginning with a deformed woman and then, the whole film introduces the “magic” utilized in real life. The deformed woman opens the blend between “what is real?” And “what is magical?”. 

Furthermore, Vicky is particularly dealing with bullying in her school. She has curly hair and dark skin. An open target for racism. There’s an opening for Vicky using her magical senses to battle her perceived image. A strength that is perceived as a weakness. Adèle Exarchopoulos is fucking infectious in this. She both plays a mother whose praying for her life to be normal. But there’s something holding her back mentally.

I mean c’mon.

The karaoke scene of “total eclipse of the heart” is heartbreaking, hilarious, and utterly part of the magic realism logic. You can thank the French for creating weird ass sci-fi/magical films that are also part of your dreams. I swear Titane is not a absurd premise if you dream of it.

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