Scream ★★★½

I still prefer The Babadook

The villain is… Nick Cave and his never ending royalty checks for the “Red Right Hand”.

Scream 5 does the thing where they overly explain the plot and how it relates to the new horror trend. This time it’s all about re-quels and the idea of fan service rebooting a beloved franchise. This film does that to a tea. They bring back the legacy characters, introduce the new ones, and connect them together. Recently films the new Star Wars and Ghostbusters have been overwhelmed with nostalgia and promise of new storylines.

Scream 5 perfectly replicates a Wes Craven film with twists and turns. Almost to a point that, it seems identical to the original film. Say what you will, but it did it’s job and more. But it also criticizes the toxic fan culture, the “Mary Sue” characterization bullshit, and what it really means to make something new out a legacy film.

Partially, the audience would’ve expected an “elevated” horror film with nuance and messages about mental health. Nah. It’s just a standard horror flick with kills and thrills. It does what it exactly intends to be. The Matrix Resurrections seemed to do a better job at meta referencing and providing new territories to explore.

Scream 5 stays on the comfy path.

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