Another Round

Another Round ★★★★★

Thomas Vinterberg returns with his best film since "The Hunt". "Another Round" deals with a group of friends experimenting with drinking alcohol everyday. Of course, this leads to conflicts between their wives and work.

Lets get down to business... Mads Mikkelsen's performance is easily one of the best this year. His performance has a lot of layers. You can see how damaged and broken his life is at this point in time. All of the men in this film are dealing with a mid-life crisis. They don't have anything else to live for expect their jobs/kids. By drinking alcohol every weekday, this leads to the everyone having the best times of their lives.

The film tries to make a social statement about being addicted to alcohol and the stigma behind it. However, I think this is more about a midlife crisis. Easily one of the most cathartic film of this year. The last 10 minutes will make you think about the meaning of life. Maybe, people need to loosen up more.

Currently playing in the Screening Room for rental. It'll be out December 18th on VOD.

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