Soul ★★★★★

this got me right in the soul.... it’s pixar’s love letter to life and it’s absolutely wonderful in every way! that score tho!!! trent reznor and atticus ross out there constantly raising the bar save some talent for the rest of us lads!!!

this year’s been a tough one but i really do wish each of you all the very best for 2021! we just gotta make the most of the precious moments that life throws our way, there’s still plenty out there despite these strange and pretty bleak times... even when it seems impossible we must seek these moments out and hold onto them and do what we each love to do whenever we can. thanks again to pixar for always reminding me of this, admittedly it can be pretty easy to lose sight of at times but your wonderful storytelling and beautiful animation never fails to show the light! so yeah happy holidays folks, hang in there and keep smiling :-)

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